Märklin warranty conditions
The two-year Märklin warranty applies to Märklin assortment products and individual parts, which are bought with a Märklin specialist dealer world-wide. Proof of purchase is either the warranty certificate completed by Märklin or the purchase receipt. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep this warranty certificate together with your purchase receipt. Contents of the warranty/exclusions: This warranty covers, at the manufacturer's option, the free remedy of any faults and malfunctions that may occur. the replacement free of charge of defective parts that are demonstrably based on design, manufacturing or material defects, including the resulting associated services. Further claims from this manufacturer warranty are excluded. Warranty claims expire
    In the event of wear-related faults or normal wear and tear of wear parts If the installation of certain electronic elements has been carried out by unauthorized persons contrary to the manufacturer's instructions. For use in a purpose other than that specified by the manufacturer If the manufacturer's instructions given in the operating instructions have not been followed If the manufacturer's instructions have not been followed Any claims arising from warranty, guarantee or damages are excluded if Märklin products contain foreign parts. which have not been approved by Märklin and as a result of which the defects or damage have arisen. The same applies to Modifications that are not carried out by Märklin or by workshops authorized by Märklin. In principle, the following applies in favour of Märklin the rebuttable assumption that the cause of the defects or damage are the aforementioned foreign parts or conversions. The warranty period is not extended by repair or replacement delivery. Warranty claims can either be made directly to the seller or by sending the part to be claimed to Märklin together with the warranty document or the purchase receipt and a defect report. Märklin and the seller assume no liability for any data or settings stored on the product by the customer. Warranty claims sent in freight collect will not be accepted.
The address is: Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH , Reparatur-Service, Stuttgarter Str. 55 - 57, 73033 Göppingen, Germany. email: service@maerklin.de
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